MargarineSpecial162x420Bakels Margarine Special

 152710 - 4.8kg/Pail

Bakels Margarine Special provides the user with a “multi application” spreadable product that can be used for not only baking of cakes, cookies, breads and pastry items but also for the cooking of delicious foods such as chicken rice and butter prawns.


  • Transfat Free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Halal Certified
  • Spreadable
  • Versatile for multi applications (can be used for baking and cooking) 

Recipe Chicken rice (Picture)
Recipe Butter Prawn (Picture)
Product Specification
Halal Certficate

LavaCake162x420Bakels Chocolate Lava Cake Mix

414610 - 10kg/Bag


Bakels Chocolate Lava Cake Mix is designed to make baking chocolate lava cake easier and simpler with minimum steps involved in the baking process.

Can be served direct from the oven of just heat in the microwave before serving. The warm chocolate lava that flows out will entice dessert cake lovers.


Product Specification
Halal Certificate

MoistCake162x420Apito Plain Moist Cake Mix & Apito Paste


An easy to prepare versatile Plain Moist Cake gives you the flexibility of selecting various flavours and pastes from our range of Apito pastes such as:

The moistness & texture of Apito Plain Moist Cake Mix gives the true meaning of satisfaction.

Product Specification
Halal Certificate

DateCake162x420Bakels Date Cake Mix


Bakels Date Cake Mix is developed to give the convenience of baking a date cake without the trouble of dicing and removing the seed of date fruits.

The pre-mix can be used to bake loaf type of date cake and also for muffins.

Bakels Date Cake Mix is a must try for the Ramadan fasting month.


Product Specification
Halal Certificate

HeartCake162x420Bakels Peach Filling


Bakels Peach filling is the latest creation of fruit flavoured filling that is soft in colour and appeals to all peach lovers for its unique taste.

Bakels Peach filling is easy to apply, for ganaching your cake as well as a filling for all finished baked products.


Product Specification
Halal Certificate

Wholemeal162x420Bakels Wholemeal Bread Mix 


For the health conscious ,Bakels has developed a range of healthy bread mixes and one of the popular one is Bakels Wholemeal Bread Mix.

Bakels Wholemeal Bread Mix is easy to use and will provide you with a consistent quality product every time.

Wholemeal is a healthy choice as wholemeal flour is whole grain foods that plays an important part of the daily diet and provides many nutrients that our body needs.


Product Specification
Halal Certificate

WholeWheat162x420Bakels Whole Wheat Bread Mix


Bakels Whole Wheat Bread Mix offers another alternative of "Brown Bread" that is healthy and has varieties of multi-grains that gives the finished bread a wholesome and appetizing wheaten appearance.

It is an ideal choice for people who want a healthier lifestyle.




Product Specification
Halal Certificate

Ciabatta162x420Bakels Ciabatta Concentrate  


Ciabatta bread has become popular worldwide and originated from Italy. It is an Italian white bread that has an open texture and delicious crust. Bakels Ciabatta Concentrate with a usage rate of 10% on flour weight helps you to create flat breads and Ciabatta loaves and buns that are open in texture and have excellent crust properties. Bakels Ciabatta Concentrate made into crusty Ciabatta bread is a great way for the healthy conscious bread lover to enjoy a healthy sandwich.



Product Specification
Halal Certificate

Chewy Bun MixBakels Chewy Bun Mix


The in trend of Korean-wave "K-Pop" has also catch up with bread lovers as Bakels has developed a premix for Chewy bun mix that will surprise your eating/chewing experience with the "Korean Style".

So easy to bake with Bakels Chewy bun mix that you do not need to be a Korean to bake it.





Product Specification

Halal Certificate

rsz_newbakelbutta_buntingfavisualyhghBakels Butta Blend 


Bakels Butta Blend (3.8kg) is designed to improve baked volume and eating quality of Cakes and Cookies. It contains anhydrous milk fat to impart superior buttery flavor for production of various premium quality baked products.


Premium Buttery Flavour

Cost Effective Choice

Halal Certified

Transfat Free

Recipe (English)
Recipe (Bahasa Malaysia)
Product Specification
Halal Certificate


Quantum Universal Bread Improver 

(CLEAN LABEL)  191410-10kg/Bag

Bakels Malaysia would like to introduce our newly acclaimed Clean Label Quantum  Universal Bread Improver that is making a name within the global baking industry.

The essence of the Quantum Universal breakthrough is new ways of using  traditional ingredients for greater water absorption in dough with minimum additives  resulting in softer dough that is easy to handle and process, offering the customer  a softer crumb and to the baker improved yield.The benefits of using Quantum Universal are:

  •  Improve dough water absorption
  •  Crumb Softness
  •  Strengthens bread dough
  •  Cost effective and saving to overall ingredient cost
  •  Consistency of bread quality
  •  Standard usage rate of only 1 % on flour weight
Clean Labels means No E Number

Recipe (White Sandwich)
Product Specification
Halal Certificate

New Eggless

Bakels Eggless Cake Mix

371315 - 15kg/Bag

A cake baked specially for those that do not consume eggs but are able to accept milk as a substitute. Thus, it is the birth of our Bakels Eggless Cake Mix which caters to all ethnics where some branded it as a "Vegetarian Cake".

Easy to prepare by just adding the Eggless cake premix with water and vegetable oil according to the recipe for the cake.

Therefore try out our quality Bakels Eggless Cake Mix if you are going Vegetarian. 


Product Specification

NewChia Seed

Bakels Chia Seed Bread Concentrate

396215 - 15kg/Bag

With the current health conscious society, Bakels Malaysia would like to share our latest healthy bread mix namely Bakels "Chia Seed" concentrate. Made from  Nature's Complete Superfood  "Chia" -  BAKELS CHIA SEED BREAD CONCENTRATE .

The modern diet is often lacking in nutrition that is essential for good health such as dietary fibre, protein, Omega 3 and vitamins and minerals. Chia contains all of these essential nutrients and is easy to digest in its natural form. 

  • Fiber - has rich fiber contents per gram
  • Protein - for energy (contains essential amino acids)
  • Antioxidants - protecting our bodies against free radicals
  • Calcium - to build strong bones and preventing osteoporosis
  • Omega Fatty Acids - essential fatty acids (omega-3s & omega-6s)

"CHIA" as Nature's Complete Superfood

Product Specification
Halal Certificate

newRedVelvetBakels Red Velvet Cake Mix

414210 - 10kg/Bag


The Red Velvet cake is an American popular classic cake with its distinguished dark red colour.

Traditionally it prepared as a layer cake topped with creamy vanilla or cream cheese icing.

This product is developed to cater for the Malaysian market where the mix can also be used to make muffins and cupcakes.

It is a very popular birthday cake for your love ones. Light up your life with a Red Velvet Cake, you will never know what romance means to your love ones.


Product Specification
Halal Certificate 

ChocolateMoist FA 162x420Apito Chocolate Moist Cake Mix 


One of the favorite cakes of all time is the chocolate moist cake which most cake lovers would like to indugle on the rich chocolate taste and the moist cake texture that melts particularly in your mouth. 

An easy to prepare and baked cake which uses apito chocolate moist cake mix and can be decorated with bakels chocolate ganache. 

For topping add some roasted nuts.

Product Specification
Halal Certificate